We will strengthen our responsibilities and work hard to implement them

Wang Zhihua led a team to supervise epidemic prevention and control and project construction


Recently, Wang Zhihua, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Group, led a team to go deep into the production line to supervise epidemic prevention and control, project construction and other work。"Stressed the supervising group,All subordinate enterprises and project managers should take precise measures,Carry forward the spirit of continuous combat,While keeping a tight grip on the epidemic prevention and control battle,Strengthen confidence,Inspire one's morale,Anchor the goal of expanding the opening of Maoming Port,All-out efforts will be made to fight the epidemic and ensure production,Strive to achieve a "win-win situation" between epidemic prevention and control and project construction。Group Deputy Party Secretary, President Xiao Bingzhang, Party committee member, Vice President Yang Chaocan participated in the supervision activities。

In Wang Port of CPC and the port management company, the supervision team carefully inspected the production operations and the implementation of various safeguard measures for epidemic prevention and control, and asked the front-line staff about the working process, personnel duty and living conditions in detail。

"We must pay attention to cold and warm, do a good job of personal protection work, we can not be difficult to the hardware environment of frontline personnel。"Wang Zhihua carefully told the staff to do a good job on duty at the same time to improve self-protection awareness, do a good job of personal protection, pay attention to cold and warm。It also asked the two wharf companies to do a good job in logistics, to meet the practical needs of the front-line staff in epidemic prevention materials, office supplies, dining and accommodation, and to express heartfelt thanks to all the staff working hard in the production line。

At the construction site of key projects in Bohe New Port District, the supervision team inspected the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work of the participating parties and the progress of key project construction in detail, and asked about the difficulties and problems existing in the promotion of each project。The team pointed out that the epidemic is complicated and multi-faceted, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is grim。All project managers and departments need to further improve their political stance, unite as one, fight the epidemic, and strictly implement various prevention and control measures. They should not be blindly optimistic or relaxed, nor should they rest their efforts or be tired of fighting。

During the inspection, Wang Zhihua asked,First, we must unswervingly implement regular epidemic prevention and control。All units should strengthen confidence and meet difficulties head-on,Compacting "Four Responsibilities",Grasp the key link,Pay attention to the health status of workers and strengthen psychological counseling,Implement local epidemic prevention policies and guidelines with strict discipline and strong work style,Further strengthen coordination and cooperation,Fully activating the epidemic prevention and control system,Ensure that no blind spots are left in the prevention and control work,There will be no gaps in prevention and control measures,We will resolutely win the battle against the epidemic;二要毫不放松守牢安全生产红线。All units should always tighten the tension of production safety, earnestly strengthen the political responsibility of safety prevention work, strictly observe the operating procedures, strengthen process control, deepen the screening and management of hidden dangers, firmly hold the bottom line of safety, to ensure that the city's epidemic prevention and control work is not added to the chaos;Third, we should promote project construction without slack。Group key project management should be scientific overall planning,Enhanced factor guarantee,We will effectively solve some difficult problems,Wall-chart operations were carried out,On the basis of ensuring project quality and safe production,With decisive posture, sprint potential to speed up the project construction,Full sprint fourth quarter to complete the construction task,Strive to achieve the goal of expanding the opening of Maoming Port,We will take concrete actions to ensure that the Party's 20 Guiding principles are fully implemented and bear fruit。(He Mengping)

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