Maoming Port Group: make concerted efforts to fight the epidemic, stick to the post and ensure production


Since the COVID-19 positive case was reported on November 2, Maoming has been facing the most complex and severe epidemic in the three years since the outbreak began, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is suddenly tense。

Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.。The Party Committee of Maoming Port Group promptly launched emergency response, coordinated and coordinated the work of epidemic prevention and control, production and operation, strictly implemented the epidemic prevention and control measures, anchored the objectives and tasks of the expansion and opening of Maoming Port, effectively and orderly organized production safety, and went all out to fight the epidemic and ensure production。

"Only in the material, no problem"

Project management departments of the Group, based on their own work conditions, give play to the leading role of the "vanguard of Party members", and transform the study and implementation of the Party's 20 Great spirit into practical actions of epidemic prevention and control, promoting the construction of major projects, and ensuring the annual targets and tasks。

Centering on the goal of expanding the opening of the port, in view of the possible problems such as personnel failure to arrive at their posts in time and material transportation difficulties during the epidemic period, the project management department maximizes the adjustment of the personnel team, reduces the prevention and control loopholes of temporary entry of external personnel, scientifically arranges cross-construction plans and makes relevant contingency plans。At present, the Group's projects under construction have a total of more than 1,000 personnel participating in the construction units implementing the two-point and one-line closed management of "worksite -- dormitory". In addition, specially-assigned personnel purchase food materials and daily necessities to meet the daily needs of the workers and ensure the closed-loop management of the construction and living areas。

"In special times, project managers who live in urban areas don't go home and live on construction sites。"Ma Xuyang, who is in charge of the chemical warehousing project, introduced the management during the epidemic prevention and control period and said," The project has entered the stage of equipment installation, and we focus on the technical personnel and delivery drivers from the manufacturers。We strictly require them to carry out health control and nucleic acid testing, and follow up management to make sure there is no harm before entering the market。”

At present, all key projects of the Group are under orderly construction, moving steadily towards the goal of expanding the opening of Maoming Port。

Fully guarantee the circulation of production materials in Maoming area

As an important material transfer hub in Maoming area,China Oil King Port Company and port management Company under the group have closely deployed various epidemic prevention and control measures,Guard key frontline areas such as door posts, customer service centers and ports,To supervise the implementation of personal protection measures for employees and migrant workers,Build an iron wall for epidemic prevention and control。

The leading group and front-line staff of the two wharf companies responded to orders and returned to work overnight to quickly carry out all kinds of work on warehouse duty。Because of the sudden occurrence, we did not complain, and worked together to overcome the difficulties。

中油王港公司紧抓气库施工“黄金期”,在受疫情影响,作业量减少的情况下,抓紧推动2号气库检维修;为妥善应对周边码头泊位紧张问题,公司主动伸出援手,及时安排“国宏17”船舶靠泊作业,顺利缓解“燃眉之急”。Due to the control of the epidemic prevention and control bureau, the CPC Wang Port Storage area carried out two shifts with only half the manpower to complete all the tasks on time and in good quality。The port management company takes multiple measures at the same time, proactively contacts customers, adjusts operation plans, prioritizes personnel deployment, improves operation efficiency, and actively addresses customer needs。

"As one of the only two terminal enterprises in Maoming City qualified to operate hazardous chemicals, since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have focused on epidemic prevention and control and production safety at the same time, and have always insisted on" not stopping production and not stopping work ", providing an important cargo transport channel guarantee for petrochemical enterprises in Maoming region。"Mo Wenzhen, head of China Oil King Port Company, said proudly," Everyone was very helpful. They all returned to their posts immediately after receiving the notice, without complaining, even though they had to sleep on temporary tables and chairs without being laid out!"

From November 1 till now, the two terminal companies have not stopped production, business and efficiency. They have completed the loading and unloading of 39,377 tons of various production raw materials and livelihood materials such as grain, coal and oil products, and achieved the cargo throughput of 35,131 tons at the port。

"Epidemic" call should be in danger

Under the silent management, the bright red figures of the volunteers danced, a sign of hope。

"Engage in the dragon, I first count as a" group organ Party branch secretary, general manager of the Department of Safety and Environmental Protection Chen Zhi, as usual, once again supported in the "war epidemic" front。The group's volunteer work group is full as soon as it is sent out。

On November 7, volunteers of the Group were on duty at traffic intersections in South Gaoliang Community, maintaining order on site, etc., jointly building the "firewall" against the epidemic.。

Group volunteers performed their respective duties at the road bayonet warning office, carefully registering and measuring the temperature of every passing person, reminding them to show their health code, travel card and pass, etc., and propagating the epidemic prevention and control policy to them, guiding the passing personnel to enhance their self-prevention awareness and protection ability。

"I'm less afraid when I see you in the deserted streets。"A passing aunt played a joke with the group volunteers。

Under the epidemic situation, Zuo Peihu, the first village secretary of Nanmentou Village in the power town, was also moved by the order. He gave up the opportunity to go back to the city for rest and joined the epidemic prevention and control work in Nanmentou Village in the power town。

Now, Maoming Port people, together with the people of the whole city, are going all out to fight against the epidemic and protect production, making their own contribution to Maoming realizing the zero social life in the shortest possible time and revitalizing the infinite vitality。(He Mengping, Yu Zhuohan, Guo Fuyu)

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