Maoming Port Group successfully held the eighth training course for new employees


From November 1st to 2nd, the 8th Training course for new employees of Maoming Port Group was successfully held。Wang Zhihua, Party Secretary and chairman of the Group attended the opening ceremony and taught the "first lesson".。Xiao Bingzhang, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Group, and Yang Chaocan, Vice president of the Group and chairman of the trade union, gave lectures to the new employees successively。

In the training class, Wang Zhihua expressed a warm welcome to the new employees。In the course of teaching, Wang Zhihua combined his own work experience and life perception, shared the learning experience of the article "Young cadres ten to ten" with the new employees, and exchanged work experience with them, imparted working methods。Wang Zhihua pointed out that the group is now in the sprint stage of the construction of key projects, and will provide a higher and better platform for employees. I hope that all new employees should always lay a solid foundation, establish perseverance, and make steady progress in their career。He stressed that the group is at a critical stage of climbing the hill and the future is bright. The new employees should always carry forward the spirit of hard work, establish the spirit of the master of state-owned enterprise managers in each post, integrate the struggle to achieve personal goals into the realization of the group's port dream, and contribute to the construction and development of the group。

According to the actual situation of the group, Xiao Bingzhang read and shared the standards of enterprise recruitment and employment。He points out that the group is always guided by the "strong and successful talent view". New employees are expected to have a deep understanding of the "20 characters" of good executives in state-owned enterprises, and share the group's talent selection philosophy through models of excellent employees。He thinks,Employees need to grow and improve,We must do well in six aspects: first, we must have excellent political quality,经得起考验;二要有工作责任心,熟悉岗位职责并做好本职工作;三要善于学习提高,把时间花在新知识新技能上;四要敢于担当作为,Meet difficulties head on,接受挑战;五要团结协作,互相促进;六要遵纪守法、清正廉洁,Pay attention to detail in your work。

Yang Chaocan explained the significance of state-owned enterprise reform by summarizing the policies and requirements of state-owned enterprise reform since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, and introduced the achievements, deficiencies and next steps of the group in the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform。He emphasized,Promoting fair participation of state-owned enterprises in market competition is one of the key tasks of the Group,The group is optimizing its organizational structure and market-based employment mechanism,Not only improve employee promotion channels,There will also be an "up or down" employment system,The days of "iron rice bowls" for employees of state-owned enterprises are over,Employees should correct their work attitude,Enhance responsibility,Take the initiative,Contribute to the construction of the group。

This training course is rich and detailed,It has strong guidance and operation,The content covers "The first lesson" of the chairman, strategic planning and management of the group's development, clean operation, interpretation of rules and regulations, corporate culture, improvement of safety skills and field visit to the dock,This training will help new employees to have a deeper understanding of the group,Make it better and faster into the company collective,Lay a solid foundation for the follow-up work。(Pan Guanhua)

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