Solid work style and hard measures to firmly safeguard the bottom line of safety 

Maoming Port Group held the third quarter of 2022 safety and environmental protection conference


On the morning of October 26, Wang Zhihua, Secretary of the Party Committee, chairman of the Board and director of the Committee of Safety and Environmental Protection of the Group, presided over the third quarter of 2022 safety and environmental protection work conference in the conference room on the fifth floor of the Group。The meeting conveyed and implemented the meeting spirit of the provincial and municipal meetings on production safety, epidemic prevention and control, fire prevention, etc., analyzed and summarized the group's work on production safety in the third quarter, and studied, judged and planned the work on production safety in the fourth quarter。

The meeting pointed out that the group in the third quarter of the safety and environmental protection work situation continued to stabilize and improve, to achieve the safety production "three zero" management goals。Meeting requirement,Each subordinate enterprise, each project management department should always tighten the string of safety production,Clear awareness of the group's safety work of the shortcomings and deficiencies,Closely around the "in addition to hidden dangers, accident prevention, safety" this main line,Always adhere to the safety of production before, above and above everything else,We will coordinate work safety and epidemic prevention and control,Strict standards, solid style of work, hard measures to resolutely safeguard the bottom line of safety,Trade our "hard Score" for a "safety score",Strictly prevent all kinds of production safety accidents。

Wang Zhihua stressed that one should improve the political position, temper fine style。All units to "always worry about" the sense of responsibility, "foolproof" resolute attitude to implement the superior work safety deployment,Always focus on screening, prevention, control and resolving major security risks,Work safety responsibilities and measures are always implemented,Constantly improve the work style,"Strict, from the depth, from the fine, from the truth, from the fast" to treat each work of safety production,Resolutely oppose formalism,杜绝麻痹思想、侥幸心理;二要主动担当作为,Implement safety responsibility。All units to tighten production safety "chain of responsibility",Pool the strength of all parties,Layer conduction pressure,Dare to push the real face hard,A good deed is a good deed,Resolutely prevent "dragonfly water,Perfunctory",With hard measures, hard work and a nail-driving spirit,将责任、保障措施落实到每个岗位、每个环节;三要坚持防范在先,Focus on the basic work。All units should establish and improve the "three mechanisms" of prediction, pre-control and pre-setting,Focus on key areas,We will focus on key work,Scientific research determines risk,All kinds of risks and hidden dangers should be caught early and small,Never with "possible", "probably" thinking to recognize the existence of problems,The risk control list should be specific to the process and post,Clear to the responsible department, responsible person,And display it in a prominent position,Know what to expect,不能大而化之;抓实施工建设过程的危险作业管控,Pay attention to anti-static and fire safety management of wharf operators,持续做好季节性安全防御工作;四要强化安全培训,Improve employee literacy。多渠道、多形式抓安全生产教育培训,切实提高员工风险识别控制能力;充分发挥“传帮带”作用,聚焦基本功训练,强化应急预案演练,确保出现突发情况能第一时间响应、科学处置。Fifth, we need to implement epidemic prevention measures and consolidate prevention and control achievements。毫不松懈、不折不扣落实常态化疫情防控各项措施,加强外省入茂货车货物作业点疫情防控工作,严格执行落实防疫指引,全链条、全过程织密扎牢疫情防控网。

More than 30 people attended the meeting, including Xiao Bingzhang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, President of the Group and director of the Environmental Protection Committee; CAI Guangzhang, member of the Party Committee, chief engineer and deputy director of the Environmental Protection Committee of the Group; Zhu Guangyu, vice president of the Group; members of the Environmental Protection Committee of the Group, safety management personnel of subordinate enterprises and project managers。(陈智)

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