Move the century-old deepwater port from blueprint to reality

- Maoming Port Group's 13th Five-Year Plan

      Maoming Daily All-media reporter Tan Xiangping correspondent Wu Guanting Chen Siying
  The 13th Five-Year Plan period is the stage of rapid economic development of Maoming, and it is also the crucial period for Maoming Port Group to move forward to provide strong support for Maoming's development towards the sea。
  Over the course of five years,Maoming Port Group is fruitful, with assets of more than 10 billion yuan,The total financing exceeded 9.6 billion yuan,To provide financial support for infrastructure construction in Binhai New Area,融资平台作用凸显;自建、参建省市重点项目超30个,A number of key provincial and municipal projects were completed and put into operation, including the East-west breakwater in the Bohe New Port Area, the LNG landmaking project in western Guangdong, the Bohe Bay Bridge, and the water supply project,To create conditions for Bohe new port area general terminal operation,Give full play to the main role of Binhai New Area project construction。
  Speed up the completion and operation of key provincial and municipal projects to help Maoming "flourish to the Sea"
  Improve the position and actively integrate into the overall situation of Maoming's development of "thriving towards the sea"。Maoming Port Group is the main financing platform for Binhai New Area construction and the main body of port construction and operation,Closely around the municipal Party committee, municipal government and Binhai New Area Party Working committee, administrative committee work deployment,Adhere to the project construction as the center,Actively planning the layout of the port industry,Meticulously organized a series of hard-hitting activities,Time is not for my spirit,We will vigorously promote infrastructure development in Binhai New Area and Bohe New Port Area,It has provided strong impetus for the development of Binhai New Area to the sea。
  Forward-looking layout, adhere to the petrochemical storage and transportation as the pillar of the "differentiated" development road。Maoming Port Group Party Committee actively explore,Conduct market research in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Beibu Gulf Free Trade Zone and Hainan Free Trade Zone,Combined with Maoming local industry and surrounding port development reality,Adhere to the "deep water port as the basis,It takes the petrochemical storage and transportation industry as its pillar,Work on your strengths and avoid your weaknesses,Follow the path of differentiated development,In Bohe New port area, scientific planning and construction of 33 chemical wharf berths mainly for oil and gas,Formation of annual throughput 1.500 million tons, supporting the layout of oil and chemical reservoir reserves of 10 million cubic meters, to build a new energy channel in the South China Sea。
  Take the initiative to solve the "difficult" points in project construction"。Group Party committee team members collective sinking project construction line,Stationing project site,We will carry out supervision on the link,By strengthening communication and coordination among all parties,有效打通项目建设过程中的“难点”堵点”;各项目经理部实行挂图作战,Identify target nodes,Subdivide tasks and responsibilities to people,Project management staff in the "5+2" "white + black" "nail" spirit,In the "rainbow" Hato "and other strong typhoons take turns under the harassment,Maoming Port people day and night,Make unremitting efforts,于2018年先后完成了东、西防波堤的建设;博贺湾大道、博贺湾大桥、污水处理厂、滨海新区供水工程和土地一级开发等一批省市重点项目纷纷建成投用,Bohe New Port Area General Terminal, a joint venture with Guangzhou Port, opened for operation on March 22, 2019,Eight million Maoming people's dream of a century-old grand port has come true。
  The volume of the LNG landmaking project in western Guangdong is equivalent to that of the east and west breakwaters,The group overcame many difficulties to push forward the completion of the project ahead of schedule,奠定了茂名新能源石化产业基础;10万吨级成品油码头项目创造了仅用时101天获批岸线申请的记录;东区化工码头、东区化工仓储、茂名港务中心等项目开工建设;30万吨级原油码头项目作为茂名石化产业新的“大动脉”,We have entered the phase of substantive implementation。
  We will promote the transfer of old state-owned enterprises to turn losses into profits and maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets
  Eliminate the malpractices and realize the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets。Around 2013, Maoming Port Management Company and petrochina King Port Company, two state-owned enterprises on the verge of bankruptcy, were transferred to Maoming Port Group successively。Through a series of reform and innovation means, such as the injection of corporate culture, the reform of personnel organization and the optimization of operation process, the group has actively eliminated the old habits of operation and re-stimulated the vitality of the enterprise。Within a short period of half a year, the two wharf companies have completed the reform and reorganization quickly, turning the operating performance from loss to profit, greatly improving the staff welfare, and taking on a new look of the team spirit。In the past few years, the two companies have paid off the historical debts of 200 million yuan which have been accumulated for more than ten years, effectively preventing the risk of asset loss, and successfully completed the task of maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets。
  Active planning, constantly break the routine of self-exploration。自划转集团后,沉寂多年的港口经营公司优化、升级堆场布局,增加了8000平方米的堆场面积,货物堆放能力显著提升;新建钢结构仓库,拓展了固体化工货源,港口吞吐量连续多年达200万吨/年的产能极限峰值。The operating performance indicators of the two port companies have been rising year after year, giving full play to the important role of Maoming logistics node。
  Take the initiative, take the initiative to "go out" into the "double zone" development。At the same time, the Party Committee of the Group continuously strengthens the operation and management of the two terminal companies. Relying on the advantages of the petrochemical industry in Maoming, the group increases cooperation with enterprises in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Northern Bay Area, actively carries out oil and steel trade business, and continuously generates income and improves efficiency with the attitude of "going out"。During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the cumulative operating revenue exceeded 6 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 97%。
  We will give full play to the role of financing platforms and raise sufficient funds for the construction of new areas
  In recent years, the Party Committee of the Group has thoroughly studied financing policies, fully grasped the opportunities of national financial policies, actively sought the transformation of financing strategy, guaranteed the capital needs, broke the development dilemma, and achieved sustainable development。
  Hard to break the ice, actively integrate land resources to raise funds for development。In 2014, in front of the new group Party Committee leadership is the annual revenue of no more than 50 million yuan, enterprise credit rating only AA-。The Party Committee of Maoming Port Group actively integrated and revitalized 2,743 mu of beach land assets in view of the small asset scale, low income from main business and huge capital demand for key projects at the initial stage of the group。Through mortgage financing, rolling and revitalizing the group's assets, actively leveraging the construction of key projects in Bohe New Port Area, and laying a solid foundation for the early development of Binhai New Area。
  Brave open a precedent, enhance the credit rating to achieve the transformation of financing mode。On the basis of mortgage financing and relying on good business performance, the Party Committee of the Group actively innovates the financing mode and raises funds by means of trust, China coupon, corporate bonds, corporate bonds, ultra-short financing and equity funds。With the steady and rapid improvement of the group's operating capacity,Group credit rating upgraded to AA,Group financial personnel to run around the country financial institutions,Multiple push,We successfully issued 600 million yuan of corporate bonds,开创了茂名国企融资先河;12亿元非上市企业公司债已获深交所批准,It has successfully issued two non-public offering corporate bonds totaling 800 million yuan,创茂名市有史以来债券发行利率新低;集团在建及拟建的8个项目已经进入国家重大项目库,Successfully fought for 4.5.4 billion yuan in special government bonds。At present, the group has raised more than 9.6 billion yuan in total, which strongly guarantees the capital needs of key projects in Binhai New Area。
  Deepen reform and accelerate the process of group asset securitization。In the active financial innovation at the same time,The Group continuously deepens the enterprise reform according to the requirements of state-owned assets management,Adhere to the principle of "three, one and one",Establish and improve the financial management system,Strict management system, procedures to resolutely prevent financial risks,The focus of financial work has gradually shifted to promoting the process of group asset securitization,Accelerate the improvement of group asset report,Introduce high quality brokerage institutions to carry out IPO pre-listing counseling,Strive to complete the pre-listing preparatory work during the "14th Five-Year Plan",To achieve the group once again leapfrog development。
  To create a clean air working environment, cohesion forge forge port force
  The Group gives full play to the leadership and political core role of the Party Committee, and under the guidance of the core corporate culture of "careful thinking, careful action and perseverance", Maoming Port people strive to create a clean and upright environment for work and entrepreneurship, gather their hearts and work hard, and push forward to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of the enterprise。
  Foster a new era of model workers。Excellent young workers of the group have achieved excellent results in the 2018 National Traffic Skills Competition series. One of them won the title of "National Traffic Technology Expert", "Southern Guangdong Traffic Model" and two of them won the title of "Guangdong Traffic Technology Expert"。In the striving atmosphere, a number of outstanding employees such as Liu Naiying, the outstanding entrepreneur of Guangdong Province and the winner of Guangdong May Day Labor Medal, and Sun Xing, the national expert in transportation technology and Guangdong Model Worker, have emerged。
  Actively build brand cultural activities。连续多年举办“茂名港男子篮球邀请赛”,搭建了行业良好交流平台;开展“健康文化月”等文体活动品牌,提升员工凝聚力。集团工会荣获“茂名市工会工作优秀单位”称号,集团财务部女职工荣获“茂名市巾帼文明岗”称号;集团团委成立青年志愿者服务队,助力双创工作,连续三年荣获“茂名市五四红旗团委”称号。With a series of achievements in corporate culture construction, the Group has successively won the honors of "Model Enterprise of Chinese corporate Culture Construction", "Advanced Collective of Guangdong Province", "Civilized Unit of Guangdong Province" and "Excellent Enterprise of Guangdong Province", and has been praised as the benchmark and model of State-owned enterprises in Maoming City。
  Looking back at the 13th Five-Year Plan, Maoming Port Group has firmly established the "four consciousness", firmly adhered to the "four self-confidence", firmly adhered to the "two maintenance", and had the courage to take responsibility for its actions. With a realistic and pragmatic style and a focus on project construction, Maoming Port Group is striving to be the leading force in Maoming's development towards the sea。
  In the future, Maoming Port Group will further give play to the advantages of South China's deep water port, accelerate the construction of harbor petrochemical industry cluster, and make continuous efforts to build Maoming into a modern coastal city with strong industrial strength and create a new growth pole in the coastal economic belt!

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