Core culture:Think carefully and persevere

Careful thinking: no matter what you do, you must plan carefully and fully study in advance, so as to make a decision and then move;

Practice carefully: once you decide to do something, you must be firm and decisive to carry it out, to achieve the unity of knowledge and practice;

Perseverance: In the process of implementing the work, no matter what difficulties encountered, must maintain perseverance, do more setbacks even stronger。


Brand Slogan:New energy channel in South China Sea

Corporate Vision:Zhen industry Xing Hong Kong, Changda logistics, achievement of employees, benefit society

Corporate Objectives:Based in South China and facing the world, we will build a world-class energy port

Business Philosophy:Win-win cooperation and shared development

Core competitiveness:Unity, pragmatism, efficiency, dedication

Enterprise spirit:Simple and harmonious interpersonal relationship, loyal and grateful human principles,
              Positive attitude towards life, unity and teamwork spirit。

Enterprise talent view:They are flourishing

Brand Personality:
As dedicated as the head 
               Keep your word like the tide 
               As tolerant as the sea 
               As warm as the sun